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1,000,000Pcs 3-Ply Disposable Earloop Face Masks Dental Surgical Hypoallergenic Breathability Virus Protection Comfort-Great for People with Allergies and Flu (blue)

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  • SIMPLE DESIGN – Comfortable elastic earloop,extra-soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears. Sensitive, inner layer made of soft fibers, no dye, no chemical, and extremely gentle to the skin.
  • CONVENIENT – Keep your mouth covered and protected from pollution, chemicals, germs, and viruses.
  • QUALITY – Using three layers specifically made to filter air to ensure healthy respiration, masks will be highly versatile.
  • QUANTITY – 50 PCS x 2 Packege / Blue COLOR.

Package of 50 x 2 disposable face masks . Perfect for travelling through busy airports, bus terminals, train stations, malls, and busy city streets. Masks come with elastic bands that fit around most ears . Great for people with allergies .


FDA & CE Certified (Civil Mask)

Unit price for 1000000pcs include shipping by sea(22 days)

Reviews (42)

42 reviews for 1,000,000Pcs 3-Ply Disposable Earloop Face Masks Dental Surgical Hypoallergenic Breathability Virus Protection Comfort-Great for People with Allergies and Flu (blue)

  1. 79239599

    They fit great, easy to wear. Just an FYI…I was an operating room nurse for most of my career and we were instructed to wear masks for 2 hours and then dispose. As we breathe, the moisture from our airway dampens the mask and acts as a wick, drawing things in, rather than protecting us.

  2. 6222523

    Last year I almost died because of the flu virus. I am so glad I brought these. I have some in a plastic bag in my purse and around my home. I work at home so I will use for my protection when the kids come to my daycare. I go to my place of worship often and will use it there too. It’s comfortable and at least will provide me with some protection.

  3. 792395939

    Great price for a large amount of masks. Mainly fits all size faces

  4. 47

    Arrived in good condition and is exactly as described. I needed a fresh supply for plane travel, visiting nursing homes and hospital, and yard work. Will definitely order from this company again as needed.

  5. 2616923

    Use these for doing things around the house. No issues so far, like the quality.

  6. 26169232

    Didn’t interfere with my glasses, very comfortable

  7. 7923923345939

    fine thank you

  8. 1261693332

    Unbelievable, I bought this product a month ago just in case the virus landed in the USA. This product is now $79.00. Price gouching at its best.

  9. 132888885703123

    Excellent mask for Corona. Like every thing, if you are late and buy during a global shortage your going to pay more. When everyone was stocking up on these masks as preppers the masses were making fun of them. Well who is laughing now?

    Soon the day of reckoning will be here and preppers will be the ones who thanks to these masks and other gear will be the ones who make it.

    We are lucky we have people selling these nice masks. No mommy or daddy is going to save you now!

  10. 6222534523

    Recommended to protect against corona virus.

  11. 123

    Very fast shipping! Reasonable quality. Recommend!

  12. 232

    Good, I got these mask from New York first time i bought, but seems like it come from China this time, but quality is great, they put a FDA Certification inside the box.

  13. 7923953333399

    Good quality but just sold out quickly

  14. 13288888570z-6589

    did a wonderful job in keeping out the dust.

  15. 6222533333323

    Good to have around in case of an emergency.
    They seem to be the real deal. convenient packaging.

  16. 6223122523

    Product was as described. Bought them for spouse who is undergoing medical treatment.

  17. 26189692

    Very light weight. Elastic was comfortable overall a very good deal!

  18. 261692112

    I have to say, it come with as the product description. What I have to comment that it was not individual packed.

  19. 622252121113

    It’s the back up plan for mask, but it was not as tight as we thought; at least it can be used during the travel or regular places.

  20. 622258823

    Great when your house is full of sick people

  21. 261692333

    Thank You Jonny, Thanks for extra masks for my daughter!!!!

  22. 26169209

    Expensive but i still have to buy it.

  23. 26169209


  24. 1328888338570

    These are exactly what I was looking for, a mask that protects but still allows you to breath. Airplane rides have a tendency to give me sinus infections and these should do the trick of keeping me safe from illness.

  25. 62225d23

    Very good product! Terrific Seller!

  26. 231122

    These came packaged nicely, they are light weight and convenient. Exactly what I was looking for…great price too!

  27. 622252qw3

    Great deal. Great quality for your money! Will definitely buy again.

  28. 79239234fa5939

    I can’t find medical masks at local pharmacy, they solved my problem!!!

  29. 7923959gg39

    All was as ordered. No complaint. Good product.

  30. 26169fff2

    Great fit and product. Arrived in a timely manner.

  31. 26169wq2

    Great quality and fit

  32. 2616998y2

    I wear these mowing and they work great and or very comfortable.

  33. 2561692

    Quality is good, can’t belive only take 5 days from China.

  34. 2613692

    Very nice quality for the price. Comfortable fit. Highly recommend this product.

  35. 26169312

    Product received is exactly as described. Fast service.

  36. 261692888

    This was just what I needed, at a fair price.

  37. 261692va

    Very light weight. Elastic was comfortable overall a very good deal!

  38. 622252312

    Great quality and covered the area I needed covered. Better quality than I found in the retail stores,

  39. 26169ut

    When I ordered them I got them after 6 days . My only hesitancy is that they are a little big for my face. But I will order them again. I am satisfied.

  40. 26169jh2

    Arrived quickly and they work great!

  41. 26169tf2

    Cheap and useful to avoid coronavirus.

  42. 2616925d3

    Good value for a product with high necessity. They are made well and reasonable comfort for long time use.

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